“Le Duché” Kit


The general was standing in front of his troops, glancing over the mismatched ranks of this army he was about to lead into the fields for the Great Battle, numerous guilds from across the duchy sending their best for him to command and guide toward victory. Over the years, this hardened veteran fought in dozens of military campaigns, watching allies switch camp over promises of land and prestige, and joining forces with former foes against common enemies.

At first, he was a mere pikeman, conscripted to bring more boots on the battlefield. However, after decades spent walking the Duchy’s roads, he gained the respect not only of his fellow guild folks, but also of his neighbours, accumulating allies and influence. Now, this old fox was waging war with diplomacy and intrigue as much as with might and sword. After 25 years of honing his craft, he was at the top of his game. This time, on the eve of the battle of a generation, it was a whole coalition he was bringing behind him.

The “Duché” kit includes: the limited edition of the Duchesse sword and its scabbard, the Marquise dagger and its scabbard as well as the belt.


Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

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