Sword Scabbard


La Duchesse never travels in the open; it would stir envy in all thieves and low-class thugs. Know when to cover her and when to bare her naked steel when the moment comes.

Even if she works in the shadow of her mistress, La Marquise is no less a prestigious blade that deserves a higher quality scabbard.

This luxury leather scabbard was created in collaboration with Les Artisans d’Azure, Calimacil, and Dracolite to celebrate the 25th edition of the Bataille de Bicolline. Decorated with a rich dye and laser engraved patterns, this scabbard presents a prestigious finish, making it a great accessory for diplomatic and ceremonial events, while also being of practical use on the battlefield.

Created to carry the anniversary sword by Calimacil, this scabbard keeps the blade tightly in place thanks to its golden elastomer chapes.

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